The Fallout (2021 Movie) – Trailer Song

The Fallout - 2021 Movie Actress

A first teaser trailer for the SXSW drama The Fallout, from writer-director Megan Park, has been released.

The movie revolves around three high schoolers who form a unique and close friendship as they navigate the never linear, often confusing journey to heal in a world that feels forever changed, after a school tragedy.

The cast includes Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler and Niles Fitch in the leading roles, Shailene Woodley, Julie Bowen, Will Ropp, Lumi Pollack and John Ortiz.

The music was composed by Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas.

The trailer focuses on Ortega’s character, Vada, as she navigates the emotional fallout she experiences in the wake of the tragedy that takes place at her high shool. Cripled with anxiety, she can’t even leave her bedroom, but finds the power to go on after she forges a bond with Ziegler’s character, to whom she tells in one of the scenes that she doesn’t need to wear makeup.

The soundtrack is an original song, composed by Finneas, who “brought a level of empathy to the characters that could only come from a composer who is from the same generation,” according to the film’s music supervisor, Peymon Maskan.

The Fallout will be in the 28th edition of the SXSW Narrative Competition, which will take place online between March 16 and March 20 and will also feature Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil and Charli XCX’s quarantine documentary Alone Together.

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