SONIC Swag Curly-Haired Roller Skater Wearing Different T-Shirts Commercial Song

SONIC Swag Curly-Haired Roller Skater Girl Wearing Different T-Shirts Commercial

SONIC has released a new commercial to promote its Local SONIC Swag merch collection, consisting of 46 individually designed T-shirts that reflect the uniqueness of all 46 states where SONIC operates.

The spot follows a curly-haired roller-skater as she glides across some of the 46 states through scenes that playfully capture the vibe of SONIC communities across the country. Thus, she goes from Oklahoma to Nebraska, from New York to Wisconsin, then Montana, Alaska, Florida, Missouri, Tennesee, and more.

The song used in the commercial is Gold Brother’s 2018 single “Shake On”.

The lineup, launched to “celebrate the meaningful connections made with guests at their local drive-ins across the country,” has been created in partnership with Detroit-based sign painter Kelly Golden, who hand drawn each design. The T-shirts, manufactured, printed, packaged and shipped in America, are available for purchase for a limited time for $20 per T-shirt.

According to the drive-in restaurant brand, $1 from each T-shirt sold will go to the SONIC Foundation to help end childhood hunger, as part of a partnership with No Kid Hungry.

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