IKEA Sheep with Plastic Bottles as Wool Commercial / Werbung Song

IKEA Plastikflaschen-Schafe Werbung / Commercial

IKEA has launched a new ad campaign, which focuses on the brand’s sustainability effort and commitment.

The campaign debuted on March 1st with a spoth434 created by ad agency thjnk Berlin and directed by Frieder Wittich, which features the brand’s TOFTLUND super soft, warm and cozy rug, which looks and feels like a sheepskin, but is actually made from recycled pet bottles. When learning about this detail from his girlfriend, a man imagines a flock of sheep with plastic bottles serving as wool. He even thinks about how they would look like after being fleeced.

IKEA’s offering also includes the URSKOG quilt cover, made from cotton that is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilisers and less pesticides, and Lyocell, which is a cellulose fibre made of wood, and the TALRIKA bowl, made of renewable plastic from corn, which is a more sustainable option than plastic from sources like fossil oil.

Serving as soundtrack is a song whose lyrics include “Madness All Around”.

The campaign also includes OOH (including giant posters, info screens and town fences) in 13 large cities, digital and social media activity. On the retailer’s YouTube channel, IKEA interior designer Michael Haas will present, in a Tips & Tricks series, his sustainable solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

The Swedish furniture manufacturer says that 60% of all materials used 646already made from rapidly renewable raw materials or are recycled or recyclable. By 2030, IKEA’s goal is for all materials to be made exclusively from natural or recyclable raw materials.

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