HI-CHEW Mermaid Commercial Song

HI-CHEW Mermaid Commercial

Japanese candy brand HI-CHEW promotes its “immensely fruity, intensely chewy” candies in a new commercial.

The animated spot brings HI-CHEW’s magical fruit flavors to life by featuring a fantasy world made of sweets, where residents fly amongst black cherry stars and strawberry fireworks, and some of them do all kinds of crazy things to clench their craving.

A Pegasus steals a mango chew from the roof of a castle made of HI-CHEW candies and a mermaid leaps out of the ocean to eat it when the Pegasus drops it.

Serving as soundtrack is an original tune, composed specifically for this ad.

The HI-CHEW range includes HI-CHEW Strawberry, HI-CHEW Watermelon, HI-CHEW Açaí, HI-CHEW Banana, HI-CHEW Kiwi, HI-CHEW Green Apple, HI-CHEW Mango, HI-CHEW Grape, HI-CHEW Plus Fruit Mix Bag, HI-CHEW Berry Mix Bag. Earlier this month, the brand’s portfolio expanded with two new unique flavors for the HI-CHEW Plus Fruit – Orange & Tangerine and Red Apple & Strawberry.

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