Free 5G Commercial Song / Musique de Pub – C’est plus cher


Publicité Free 5G C'est plus cher

French mobile operator Free has released a hilarious new commercial to inform that, with Free, 5G is not more
expensive than 4G.

The spot, created by agency Herezie, Paris, aims to highlight that, since the dawn of time, mankind has been faced
with a rule that regulates the marketplace: when it’s better, it’s more expensive,” and depicts a variety of
situations in which people pay much more for something they want. One of the scenarios, for instance, shows a club
agent who pays a lot for a football player named Rapidinho. The latter takes not only money, but also the man’s
watch and hand, literally.

The commercial, part of the provider’s “Free Money” campaign, ends with the voiceover saying “Oh, yes, when it’s
better, it’s more expensive. But not at Free. At Free, 5G costs the same as 4G”.

The soundtrack music is the single “He’s Got My Money Now” by Prague-based indie rock band The Silver Spoons, from their album of the same name.

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