Apple Woman Fumbling and Dropping Her iPhone 12 on the Sidewalk Commercial Song

Apple Girl Fumbling and Dropping Her iPhone 12 on the Sidewalk Commercial

Apple has dropped a new ad to tout its iPhone 12 and its screen cover, which is advertised as the sturdiest in the industry.

The spot features a woman whose iPhone 12 slips while she’s walking on a sidewalk, having a phone conversation. She fumbles to hold on to the device, but she fails to catch it. Luckily for her, even though the smartphone fell with the display facing down on the ground, it had no scratches – all due to the Ceramic Shield on the display, which is “Tougher than any smartphone glass,” according to the brand.

“Relax, it’s iPhone” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is set to the song “The Conference” by British Indian Nitin.

This is not the first commercial that highlights the new Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 lineup. A previous one, which was actually the first one, showed off the Ceramic Shield and the water-resistance by featuring a man who uses his iPhone 12 in the kitchen while cooking and making a mess.

The Ceramic Shield, made by introducing nano-ceramic crystals (which are actually harder than most metals) into glass, is a first in any smartphone. The iPhone 12 is available for purchase starting from $799.

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