Apple iPhone 12 Cook Commercial Song – Feat. Man Making a Mess in the Kitchen

Apple iPhone 12 Cook Commercial Actor

Apple advertises its iPhone 12 in a new commercial, which focuses on the phone’s durability.

The spot, titled “Cook” and aimed at highlighting that the iPhone 12 is “more spill and splash resistant than ever”, features a man making a mess in the kitchen while trying to make a meal. However, he is not quite a cook and uses his iPhone 12 as a digital recipe book, complete with video tutorials. His phone has a hard life, though, as it is dropped, shaken, covered in flour, splattered with batter and slammed with a pepper mill during the process.

“More durable than ever. Relax, it’s iPhone” an onscreen line read at the end of the commercial, which features the
2021 song “Sauce” by American singer/songwriter Na├»ka, set to be included on her highly-anticipated second half of
debut EP, Lost in Paradise, Pt. 2, due later this year.

Apple has released several other ads that showcase various features of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, such as high quality cameras, Dolby Vision, privacy and more. The brand also runs its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, which includes impressive images from iPhone owners around the world.

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