Progressive Insurance Why You Ride Lone Wolf Rider Commercial

Progressive Insurance Lone Wolf Rider Motorcycle Commercial

Friendship becomes a touchy subject for two “lone wolf” riders in one of the latest Progressive commercials.

The spot, part of the new “Why You Ride” series, which promotes the company’s motorcycle coverage, opens with the voiceover introducing riders as “the lone wolves of the great highway” while on the screen a motorcyclist is featured riding along a coastal highway. “All they need is a bike and a full tank of gas,” the narrator adds, highlighting that their only friend is the open road. At this point, though, the rider intervenes, saying that he has friends. “Well, he may have friends, but he rides alone,” the voiceover points out, which it turns out is not true because there is another rider, named Jeremy, next to the protagonist. However, it also turns out that the latter and Jeremy are actually new friends.

“He gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends,” the voiceover also says, adding, at the end of the commercial, that, “No matter why you ride, Progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year”.

Another spot features a woman riding her bike, who is presented as a “wanderer on the road of life” and whose only reason for riding is the journey. However, the woman reveals that she’s going to get an iced coffee from a coffee shop and that she actually always has a destination.

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