MINI Cooper S 3-Door Hatch Big Love Commercial Song

MINI Cooper Big Love Commercial

MINI has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Big Love,” which celebrates the beauty of differences, highlighting that, although we are all different, we are pretty goof together.

The spot features a man driving the new MINI Cooper S 3-Door Hatch across the city and witnessing a variety of life scenarios that illustrate the idea of diversity, inclusion and putting differences aside and being better together.

The commercial also features two employees from the all-female mechanics Spanners With Manners, namely Laura Kennedy and Siobhan Murphy, fixing a car, which aims to show that there is a space for everyone in the mechanics industry.

“We’re Different, But Pretty Good Together. Big Love, MINI” onscreen lines read toward the end of the campaign film, which is set to the tune of Jackie Wilson’s hit single “Higher And Higher (Your Love)”.

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