Billy Boy Condoms Commercial / Werbung Song – Love Crossings

Billy Boy Condoms Commercial / Werbung - Love Crossings

Billy Boy, the brand of condoms manufactured and assembled in Germany since 1990, has launched a new commercial, titled “Love Crossings”.

“When two people meet, one thing should always be with them: a Billy Boy condom” – onscreen lines reads throughout the 70-second spot.

The song playing in the background is “Make me mad” by OFRIN and Veshza.


looking at me boy
looking at me girl
looking at me keeping the love but you’re looking at me

i keep it rad
but they keeping it coming
nothing that bad
i can do you no harming

but if you gonna make me mad
no don’t you ever make me mad
cause if you gonna make me mad
make me bad make me bad

got a lot of case but keep it chic
nothing i won’t do we’ll never click

so how about that
i am bringing the shining
no not that bad
i would do you no harming

i keep it rad
even though you were doubting
it just my style i am keeping it coming

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