Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show The Weeknd Commercial Song

Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show Commercial Actress

Pepsi has released a 60-second ad to announce that the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show will be hosted by The Weeknd.

The spot features a diverse cast of people, including a worker restocking grocery store shelves, a woman blow drying her hair, a man cleaning his pool, and a security guard, singing the artist’s hit single “Blinding Lights”, which was Billboard’s “No. 1 Hot 100 Song of the Year” in 2020. Some of them are even dancing to the rhythms on this song and the security guard has the surprise of his life seeing The Weeknd himself in the car, in front of him, just 2 meters away.

Pepsi, which will be sponsoring the Super Bowl’s halftime show for the tenth year, will also have retail promotions with store displays in locations of stores including Kroger, Target, 7-Eleven, Dollar General.

The beverage brand’s campaign will also include a digital push and packaging on 500 million bottles and cans with a special QR code. Consumers who scan that code will be directed to a website with branded content and augmented reality experiences.

“Brands are always typically falling over themselves to get a 30 second spot and do something fun on social and try to connect and cut through. We’re really going to take the experience from 12 minutes into six weeks,” Pepsi VP of Marketing Todd Kaplan said in a press interview.

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