The Illinois Lottery Claude the Hamster Christmas Commercial French Song

The Illinois Lottery Claude the Hamster Christmas Commercial

The Illinois Lottery introduced Claude the Hamster as its newest star this holiday season.

The cute rodent is featured in a spot that shows his owner finding several of his belongings, such as his hat, a vinyl, his eyeglasses and his shoes, scratched. He thus decides to give his furry friend a Holiday Cash Bonus Scratcher from Illinois Lottery as a Christmas gift.

The commercial, set to the tune of Edith Piaf’s La foule (Remasteris√© en 2007), ends with the tagline “For those who love to scratch” flashing across the screen.

The Lottery gives people the chance to see more of Claude, live, on the website Viewers can “gift” different items to the celebrity hamster and see how he reacts for a chance to win prizes and “bring some joy to the holiday season,” the The Illinois Lottery informed in a press release.

People aged 18 and older who visit the website to view Claude are also encouraged to enter the Illinois Lottery Holiday instant ticket bundles. Each week of December, 10 of them will be declared winners.

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