Small Unites Commercial Song

Small Unites Commercial - Ana's Flowers

Small Unites, a national advocacy program designed to rally consumers and communities across the country to champion the local small businesses they love and help them re-emerge and thrive in the new normal, is promoted in a commercial that encourages people to be there for the small businesses.

The spot showcases several small businesses and their owners or footage of them, their employees, or of community members as projection on a wall. River Road Cycles, Center Books, Ana’s Flowers, Vittorio’s Auto Body are among the businesses featured throughout the video, which is set to the rhythms of an original song called “Bigger Than You And Me” and performed by Queens-based rapper and songwriter Akinyemi, which was composed specifically for his commercial.

“Small businesses have been there for us. Let’s be there for them. Donate. Shop. Share.” onscreen lines read at the end of the ad.

Powered by Capital One Business, GoFundMe, HundredX, the National Urban League and Ogilvy, Small Unites is a consumer-driven movement launched earlier this year, on August 31st, to support small businesses that are facing immense economic challenges.

On people can make cash donations, buy products and services and promote their favorite business on social media platforms. They can also start their own fundraising initiatives for their preferred small businesses.

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