Perfect Dark Game – Trailer Song (Game Awards 2020)

Perfect Dark Game - Trailer (Game Awards 2020)

The trailer for the upcoming secret agent thriller Perfect Dark, from The Initiative, has been released during the Game Awards 2020.

The video does not reveal the plot and does not show off any gameplay, but gives viewers a glimpse at the near-future world the game action takes place in. Thus, it is revealed that the world was destroyed by floods, storms, fires, and people were dying in the streets. Corporations gave solutions, but “the laws of nature aren’t meant to be broken,” as declared by the voiceover, who asks Agent Joanna Dark, at the end of the trailer, when she is featured on the screen, if she found the answers she was looking for. “Not yet, this is just the beginning,” she replies.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2016 single Cruel World by musical duo Phantogram (consisting of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter), from their third studio album, “Three”.

The trailer does not reveal the launch date for the upcoming game or to which platforms it will come. However, it is believed that Perfect Dark will debut at least on Xbox Series X and Series S.

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