Mint Mobile Ryan Reynolds Commercial – Feat. Gary Busey Cameo

Mint Mobile Commercial - Feat. Gary Busey Cameo

Ryan Reynolds has released a new commercial for Mint Mobile. The actor announces that they enlisted Gary Busey to promote the carrier’s new deal, which consists of 3 free months.

“Hey there, it’s Ryan Reynolds. Every holiday, wireless companies spend billions on promo commercials, but at Mint, we find innovative ways to do things. Like partnering with Cameo,” Reynolds says in the opening of the video, pulling up a Cameo on his phone from Gary Busey. Busey greets and says that “this Cameo is for America from a little girl named Mint Mobile.” “Mint Mobile is a good name like Mobile, Alabama. Anyway, this is Gary Busey,” Busey says, adding that “you can get three months of free service with any plan. Even unlimited.” “That is a great promotion. I got promoted once, and that was a good day.” he also says.

At the end of the video, Reynolds concludes “Yup. That’s Gary Busey. Legend”.

The actor, who purchased an ownership stake in budget wireless carrier in November 2019, also owns stakes in Aviation Gin (which he promoted in a crossover ad for his Netflix film “6 Underground” and Samsung QLED TV),, which he promotes in an epic ad, featuring the Devil and 2020. He has also helped promote the SickKids Foundation through an “Ugly Sweater” video, and has taken his feud with Hugh Jackman to Sam’s Club, where they both promoted their respective beverage companies to support good causes.

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