Lied aus der Original Wagner BIG CITY Pizza BOSTON AR Filters & Games

Original Wagner Pizza Werbung - BIG CITY Pizza BOSTON

Wagner promotes the Augmented Reality filters & games available on its BIG CITY pizza boxes, in a new commercial.

The spot gives viewers a glimpse at the experience you can have when buying a BIG CITY BOSTON pizza and scanning the printed QR Code on the packaging. Thus, when getting a Boston pizza (featuring spinach, cream cheese and onions), the user becomes a personified basketball hoop to get the high score.

The soundtrack is a song whose lyrics include “you just stepped in the danger zone, man, you should have slept, should have stayed at home”.

There also are other pizza varieties and AR filters, such as LONDON (featuring salami, ham, and mushrooms), which turns the user into a Queen’s Guard on duty, ROME (featuring pepperoni salami, tomatoes, basil sauce, mozzarella, and Peccorino cheese), which allows the user to travel back in time and become a gladiator, and BUDAPEST (featuring pepperoni sausage and Edam cheese), where the user becomes a pizza boy and must overcome various obstacles to deliver the pizza as quickly as possible without falling into the Donau river. The brand’s range of BIG CITY pizza also includes Hawaii, Istanbul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

All AR filters and games, which are found on Instagram and/or Facebook, are designed to be shared and played with a friend, and to challenge others by tagging them.

The campaign, developed in collaboration with marketing agency Cocomore, also includes a partnership with social media personality Marcel “Scorpion” Althaus, who shares the various filters with his community on behalf of Wagner and the in-house Influencer Marketing Hub.

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