eBay Sneakers Authenticity Guarantee Rare Drops Commercial

eBay Sneakers Authenticity Commercial Girl / Actress

After promoting its Santa Sneaker Drop, which is an augmented reality sneaker drop featuring 500+ pairs of sneakers in assorted brands, taking place from December 22nd through December 24th, 2020, eBay has released a series of new spots to advertise its Authenticity Guarantee, currently available for select items only and set to become available for all collectible sneakers of more than $100 in 2021.

One of the ads features a freckled young man sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV, and listening to “oddly specific” news saying that it’s free to sell sneakers overs $100 on eBay and their Authenticity Guarantee protects sellers too. The news anchorman is also heard saying that, “While other sites take up to 25%, sneakerheads staring at their collection are calling this…” He doesn’t get to say the word as the protagonist, who’s staring at his own huge collection of sneakers behind his sofa, declares that this is “game-changer”.

Another spot, titled “Rare Drops,” features a diverse cast of people including a couple on their wedding day as they receive the sneakers they ordered on eBay, but falling from above, while in the background a song performed by a female rapper plays. Its lyrics include “what I’m gonna do is bum, bum, bum, boys and my girls are gonna run, run, run, money in my pocket are done, done, done”.

“From rare deadstock to the latest release, new to pre-owned, the drops… never stop. eBay: Authenticity Guarantee,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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