Zalando Christmas Commercial / Advert Song – We Will Hug Again

Zalando Hugs Christmas Commercial / Advert / Werbung Weihnachten

Zalando, one of Europe’s largest online fashion retailers, celebrates human connection this holiday season.

“Nobody really understood the power of a simple embrace until it was taken from us. In this evocative campaign we embrace the past and look to the future, celebrating the hug as a universal symbol of human connection and celebrate it as a symbol of hope, optimism and solidarity,” Zalando declared in a statement for its Christmas campaign.

The 60-second spot, titled “We Will Hug Again,” features a diverse cast of people of different ages, nationalities, and walks of life hugging each other, while the voiceover delivers the following message: “A hug is love. A hug is loss. A hug is help. A hug is warmth. It’s peace. Trust. A hug is air. A hug is glue. A hug is fire. A hug is the light. A hug is just holding on. A hug is hope. Because the best hugs are the ones we haven’t had yet. We will hug again”.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2016 single Godspeed by from American singer-songwriter-produced Frank Ocean (Christopher Breaux), from his second studio album, “Blonde”.

Zalando sells clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for the entire family, as well as a wide range of sportswear, sporting equipment and designer brands, with free delivery and free returns.

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