Target Christmas Commercial Song – Bring More Meaning to Every Moment

Target Christmas Commercial Actors

Target highlights, in its Christmas commercial, that – whether you’re gathering with friends and family over a meal, giving thoughtful gifts, or simply sharing time with loved ones this holiday season, Target has everything you need to bring more meaning to every moment”.

“Ornaments create time to hang, gingerbread builds tradition, a string of light sparks family ties, a last-minute gift makes a lasting impression, a tray carries your heritage, and an ending means a new beginning,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, which features a group of girlfriends adorning the Christmas tree, a boy playing with his dad with gingerbread, creating a house and a tree, a family watching the Christmas lights outside, another family of four wearing matching pajamas, having fun together and taking photos, a young man hosting a dinner party, and a young couple spending the New Year’s Eve with some of their closest friends, at their place.

The commercial, scored by Mary J. Blige’s 1992 single Real Love (from her debut studio album, “What’s the 411?”), ends with the tagline “bring more meaning to every moment” flashing across the screen.

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