Pandora Christmas Lovely Day Commercial / Advert Song – Feat. Actor Keith Eric Chappelle

Pandora Christmas Commercial / TV Advert - Feat. Actor Keith Eric Chappelle

Pandora has dropped its Christmas commercial, urging you to “make her shine this holiday with Pandora jewellery”.

The spot, filmed in Copenhagen, features a young man (played by actor Keith Eric Chappelle, known for “The Good Wife,” “Person of Interest,” and “Blue Bloods”) stopping by a Pandora store to purchase a jewelry for his girlfriend, who’s waiting for him at a small skate part, in the city center. Once he gets there, he carefully places the gift bag on the bench, near the young woman, letting her open the box. Seeing the ring inside, she smiles and embraces him.

Serving as soundtrack is a cover of Bill Withers’ song Lovely Day” performed by John Garrison. The musician also makes an appearance in the ad: he is the man playing the guitar near the Pandora store.

The commercial which ends with some of the Pandora jewellery shown on screen and the brand’s tagline, “Something about you”.

Pandora invites customers to get inspired by its collections, from the Timeless collection, which features elegant pieces, from classic pendants to statement earrings, to the Pandora People collection, to the Pandora Passions collection, which features holiday-inspired charms and celestial-themed pieces, and Disney x Pandora collection.

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