Old Navy Christmas Jingle Jammies RuPaul Commercial Song

Old Navy RuPaul Christmas Commercial

Old Navy has launched its Christmas campaign, which stars RuPaul. The star is featured in several ads, for which he has re-recorded his track Hey Sis, It’s Christmas (this was re-released earlier this year, in an EP featuring )some of the standout tracks from his 2018 holiday collection Christmas Party.

The spots are dedicated to holiday shopping convenience, snuggle-worthy Sherpas and cosy fleece, face masks, and “jingle jammies” (which are available even for dogs). While RuPaul sports patterned waffle-nnit one-piece pajamas, the rest of the cast wear fair isle print waffle-knit one-piece pajamas, unisex Santa-print footed one-piece, cozy patterned cicro performance fleece romper pajamas, a patterned flannel pajama set covered in Hanukkah dreidel doggies, patterned flannel pajama pants, and more.

The commercials air in both Canada and the U.S., in both English and Spanish.

RuPaul also appears in a four-part holiday-themed content series, called “RuPaul-iday,” which airs each Friday through November 18, on the retailer’s YouTube channel.

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