Musique de Pub Aigle AH20 – Feat. Sisters & Yellow Jacket

Pub Aigle - La fille / actrice de la publicité veste jaunne

French footwear and textile company Aigle celebrates its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection and its longtime history with a new commercial, which aims to highlight that the brand has clothes and accessories that last a long time, for all weathers, and stories to put on but above all to pass on.

The spot, created by agency Rosapark, Paris, tells the story of a little girl who loves her older sister’s yellow winter jacket and always goes into her room, in hiding, to put it on. Her coming of age is captured through various scenes that put the spotlight on both the bond between the two siblings and the yellow jacket, which eventually becomes a present for the little sister. “Take care of it” reads a handwritten note left in its pocket the day the little sister, now a grown up young girl, goes to college and finds a place to stay by herself.

The soundtrack music is the 2016 single “Les Bateaux” by French musical group Pepite. The track is available for streaming on Amazon Music and for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.

Founded in 1853 as the Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple (Flexible Rubber Company) in the French town of Montargis, Aigle is known for its Wellington boots and raincoats, as well as for its sports shoes. The company, which expanded into Japan and the United States beginning in 2000, has hundreds of stores worldwide.

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