McDonald’s J Balvin Playing Characters in Restaurant Dorado Commercial Song

McDonald's J Balvin Commercial

McDonald’s and J Balvin celebrate the unshakable optimism of the Latino community with a new collaboration, called “Dorado”.

The ad is set in a McDonald’s restaurant and features Balvin as different characters that represent and honor Latinos from all walks of life, including a basketball player, a grandpa, and several McDonald’s crew members. At the end of the 60-second spot, the Colombian reggaetón sensation plays himself, waiting for his order in the drive-thru.

The catchy song serving as soundtrack includes lyrics like “Tenemos la gente contenta / porque donde hay un Latino, hay fiesta,”/ “We have the happy people / because where there is a Latino, there is a party”, “gracias mamá por hacerme latino”/ “thanks mom, for making me Latino”, which are a reference to the feel-good mindset of Latinos and their pride in being Latinos.

Inspired by J Balvin’s last album, “Colores,” and the golden arches themselves, the 1-minute song, which Balvin called a “musical act,” was released on November 19 and debuted on Univision during a commercial break in the 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards. “Dorado” is now exclusively on the McDonald’s app.

In a statement, Balvin said of the song “We want to uplift the community… I want them to feel proud to be Latino, proud to be a part of the Latino gang. Even though I feel like I’m a global citizen, we want to celebrate the Golden Arches… so that’s why we called it ‘Dorado,’ you know, the golden flavor.”

The song lyrics are below:
“Me fui con esta / I went with this one
El ambiente se presta / The ambience lends itself
Aquí lo que no se sabe se inventa / Here what we don’t know we invent
Tenemos la gente contenta / We have the people happy
porque dónde hay un latino hay fiesta / because where there’s a Latino, there’s a party

Ay, que no me esperen en la casa / Ay, don’t wait for me at home
Que si esta noche no regreso /Because tonight if I don’t return
Es porque estoy vacilando con mi raza / It’s because I’m having fun with my people.
– Con mi raza y qué pasa? / with my people (race) and what happens?

Ay, que se despierten los vecinos / Ay, may the neighbors wake up
Este party no lo termino / This party I don’t want it to end
Gracias mamá por hacerme Latino / Thank you mom for making me Latino
-Latino, Latino / Latino, Latino

Montado en los arcos dorados como se sabe / On top of the golden arches, like you know
donde comen dos comen tres / where two eat, three can as well
y hasta mas caben / and even more can fit
esto es pa’ cogerla suave / this is to take it easy
Ma’ no me esperes despierta que yo llevo llave / Ma’ don’t wait up for me, I got the keys
La montamos donde sea / We make it happen anywhere
Pasarla bien es la idea / Having a good time is the idea
Hasta en carro ajeno se pasea / Even in someone else’s’ car we can stroll/ride
Yendo al grano / Getting to the point
¿Qué desea? / What do you wish/want?”

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