Erste Group Christmas Commercial: Edgar’s Christmas – Old Man Playing the Piano

Erste Group Bank Christmas Commercial - Old Man Playing the Piano

After introducing Henry the Hedgehog (in 2018) and Hanna the Bumblebee (in 2019), Erste Group introduces, this year, for its Christmas campaign, Edgar, an old man who rediscover the magic of Christmas.

The 2-minute commercial features the senior avoiding everyone in the living facility he spends his days in and refusing to wear his hearing aid, despite the multiple reminders from his nurse. One day, the latter finds an old piece Edgar, a former pianist, used to play for his mother and decides to use it, along the photos of him as a child together with his mother, to convince him to play the piano again, for him and the other seniors in the day care. Thus, on Christmas Eve, we see Edgar entering the living room and starting to play a heartwarming musical composition to his old piano.

The film encourages viewers to believe in love, in Christmas, and themselves.

The Vienna-based banking group’s Christmas ads were highly appreciated so far. The spot featuring Henry the Hedgehog, which marked the group’s first international online campaign for Christmas, received positive reviews and the last year’s one, featuring Hanna the Bumblebee, also met high expectations. The Hanna Bumblebee commercial was shared shared on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in 11 countries in which Erste Group is present.

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