McDonald’s UK The Birthday Gift Advert Song – Feat. Teenage Boy Driving His Mother’s Old Car

McDonald’s UK has released a new heartwarming ad to remind us that, “Sometimes, a little means a lot”.

The spot, titled “The Gift,” features a teenage boy on his birthday, who receives from his mother her old car as a birthday present. He grabs the keys and goes to a McDonald’s drive-thru to buy some fries and McNuggets (which is served from 11AM). On his way there, he is laughed at by a group of peers on the street, but things change at his return, when he listens to music from his mum’s CD (Westlife’s single “Flying Without Wings”) with the windows open. Confident and happy to be at the wheel, he makes his fellows jealous as he drives back home.

The end of the advert sees the young boy giving the McNuggets he had bought to his mother, who’s asking his opinion about the car. “She’s great, thanks mum,” he says, bringing a smile to her face.

“Sometimes, a little means a lot” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot.