Gucci Epilogue Commercial / Advert Song

Gucci Epilogue Commercial Actress

Gucci has launched the Gucci Epilogue campaign for Alessandro Michele’s latest collection.

Filmed by directors Damiano D’Innocenzo and Fabio D’Innocenzo inside Rome’s Palazzo Sacchetti and in the graffiti-covered Campo Boario area, the campaign film features a diverse cast of models wearing pieces from the new collection while doing all kinds of activities, such as gardening, watering plants, hanging clothes in the sun, wathching TV and more. While two men are carrying a couch, for instance, another one is transporting a huge pumpkin and other two take measurements of a sunflower. A turtle, goose, lambs, a snake and a sheep also make appearances.

The soundtrack music is Mani Meme by Belgian band Pas de Deux.

Epilogue is described as the last chapter in a narrative that began with #GucciTheRitual – the Fall Winter 2020 Women’s fashion show- celebrating the magic of fashion by unveiling what lies behind the curtains.

Gucci revealed that the Epilogue livestreaming, which took place on July 17 (the last day of Milan digital fashion week), reached more than 35.2 million views globally, making it become the Italian label’s most viewed digital event.

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