TikTok Bored in the House Commercial Song – Feat. Curtis Roach

TikTok Bored in the House Commercial - Feat. Curtis Roach

TikTok has released a new ad campaign, titled “It Starts on TikTok”.

The spot features a montage of TikTok videos posted by a diverse cast, including Detroit hip-hop artist Curtis Roach, who made his 20-second song Bored in the House (which also serves as soundtrack for the ad) at home, while improvising. In the video, he drums a beat by pounding one hand on a table and snapping his fingers.

“Bored in the House” has been used in TikTok videos, since March, when it was launched, by numerous A-listers and influencers including Keke Palmer, Liza Koshy, Ondreaz Lopez, Chance the Rapper, and even Charli D’Amelio, the most followed TikTok user, who has 41.1 million followers and racked up 35.5 million views with her clip.

“If it’s in culture, it stars on TikTok,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 15-second commercial.

Roach released a full version of “Bored in the House” in collaboration with rapper Tyga earlier this year, on March 28. The song is available for purchase on Amazon, for $1.29.

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