SEAT Commercial Song: Live Bolder Live Better

SEAT urges people to “Live bolder, live better” in its latest ad, which highlights the automaker’s commitment to the mobility of the future and showcases SEAT MÓ as a new concept of mobility, the New Leon redesigned, the New Ateca and the Mii Electric (100% electric).

The 45-second spot features a diverse cast driving the above mentioned cars, while onscreen lines deliver the following message: “We are SEAT. Born under Barcelona’s sun. A place where positivity fuels possibility. Because every time the sun rises is a new chance to be better. Bolder. And to embrace the challenges of today. To help create a brighter tomorrow”.

The commercial, set to the tune of We Make It by James Hutchinson & Adele Roberts, ends with the tagline “Live bolder. Live better” flashing across the screen.