Samsung Connected Appliances Recipe on the Fridge Commercial Song

Samsung Commercial - Rules Of The Household

Samsung highlights, in one of its latest ads for its “Connected Appliances,” that you can figure out your next culinary masterpiece on the fly with some high-tech help.

The 30-second spot, titled “Recipes,” shows how, with Family Hub, you can look inside your fridge from your phone, find recipes using what you have in the fridge, and order the groceries you need.

The soundtrack music is “Gimme Some” by BEGINNERS & Freedo.

Other installments in the “Connected Appliances” series aim to highlight that Samsung home appliances connect with your personal devices and other smart products so you’re always in sync with the moments that matter. One of them, for instance, illustrates how, with scheduled start times and washer, dryer, and AirDresser notifications on your phone, you can do the laundry while you keep doing your thing.

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