Mercedes-Benz GLA Commercial Song – Newly Wed Couple Photo Ruined by Wave

Mercedes-Benz GLA Commercial

Mercedes-Benz has released a new ad to showcases its new GLA, which is – according to the automaker – “compact, sporty and versatile like never before – especially in the city”.

The spot, produced before the COVID19 pandemic, features a newly wed couple getting ready for a photo with their parents near the sea, on some rocks. However, immediately after the final touches, a huge wave hits them all, wetting them and ruining their photo. Despite this mishap, they still keep their good mood thanks to the Mercedes-Benz GLA, which takes them back to the city and allows them to watch the sky with its panoramic sliding sunroof.

“Designed for the wilderness. Enjoyed in the city.” onscreen lines read toward the end of the video, which is scored by the song Give My Lovin’ A Try performed by The Futures League.

The new GLA, which is the eighth model to join the line-up, rounds off the current compact car generation from Mercedes-Benz, representing, at the same time, the entry level into the automaker’s successful family of SUV models.

The car, which also boasts a suite of driving assistance systems with cooperative driver support, including turning manoeuvre function, emergency corridor function, exit warning function, active brake assist and more, arrived at European dealerships earlier this year, in the spring, and in the USA and China in the early summer.

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