Hulu Series: A Teacher – Trailer Song

Hulu Series: A Teacher Trailer - Actress Kate Mara

FX has released the trailer for its limited drama series A Teacher, based on Hannah Fidell’s 2013 film.

The show, directed by and executive produced by Hannah Fidell, stars Kate Mara as high school teacher Claire as she has a relationship with one of her students, Eric (Nick Robinson).

The trailer opens with the two protagonists sharing kisses and embraces like two lovers who have a happy relationship but it soon turns out that they have a forbidden relationship. “Listen, you cannot tell anyone about us, ever,” Claire tells him in one of the scenes. The trailer, which includes juxtaposed footage of the two, also reveals that Claire is married and her husband (Ashley Zuckerman) wants to have children. Moreover, when tensions are already high, she receives a disturbing call from her school.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 single Oh Baby by American rock band LCD Soundsystem, from their fourth album, “American Dream”. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

Season 1 of A Teacher, consisting of ten episodes, will premiere later this fall, on November 10 and stream exclusively on Hulu.

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