Setapp Commercial: Hide and Seek

Setapp Commercial - Hide and Seek

Setapp urges you, in its latest ad campaign, to focus on the most important things with productivity apps that keep you in your flow.

One of the spots features a father who starts a game of hide and seek with his little son but is waylaid and leaves him behind a curtain to grow old. The video shows how his parents move out and other families and individuals, including homeless people, come over, but he stays behind the curtain, wearing the same clothes, which – obviously – become small for him over the years.

“We’ve all been there. Got a task to do and then you get distracted. That’s why you need Setapp,” the company’s spokesman says at the end of the commercial, informing that you get access to a curated selection of apps for one monthly subscription, “so you can stay in your flow and always finish what you start”.

The campaign includes other two spots, which feature a magician who makes a man disappear but fails to bring him back and a man with a phobia of snakes who is left in a snake-like state after his therapist gets distracted.

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