Progressive Insurance Flo & Jamie Sunday Sing Along Commercial Song

Progressive Flo Commercial - Actress Stephanie Courtney

Progressive has released a new commercial, titled “Family Ties,” featuring Flo and Jamie. This time, the two colleagues are at Flo’s parents house, where Jamie enjoys a Sunday sing along with them. While the seniors are singing their version of the old ballad Danny Boy, Flo shows up asking her parents what Jamie is doing there. She thus finds out that he’s been their insurance guy for five years now and helped them get a home and auto bundle.

“He makes us feel like we’re worth protecting,” Flo’s mother says, asking her the reason why she hadn’t told them about those savings. “I’ve literally told you a thousand times,” answers Flo. On this occasion, Flo also learns from her mother loves a man in uniform and that Jamie “just has a way with people”.

Created by agency Arnold Worldwide, Flo is played by actress/comedian Stephanie Courtney, who took over this role for TV in 2008. Courtney also portrays other members of Flo’s family, including her sister, Janice, her brother, Todd, as well as her parents and grandfather.

Jamie, played by Jim Cashman, was enlisted to join her in 2017. In one of the spots he starred in, dubbed “Jamie’s Twin”, he even had a doppelganger, played by British actor Jack Turner.

Earlier this year, the insurance company introduced Mara (Natalie Palamides) as one of Flo and Jamie’s colleagues, who makes all her male suitors back away. Sunita Mani, one of the latest to join Progressive’s roster of actors, was featured in a commercial as the sign spinner’s girlfriend.

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