Advil Commercial Song: We Praise Your Strength

Advil Commercial - We Praise Your Strength

Advil has released a new commercial to celebrate parents everywhere, who found the strength they didn’t think they had to juggle all kinds of tasks during the lock down.

The spot depicts a variety of everyday scenarios in which parents – both mothers and fathers – navigate challenges of parenthood during these hard time. Changing diapers, wiping spilled milk, washing the kids’ hands, bathing them, taking care of them while trying to work from home and exercising are only some of the life moments captured in the 30-second video. “Through new pain comes all new strength. We praise your strength” onscreen lines read at the end of the ad.

Serving as soundtrack is Hannah Grace’s version of the 1999 single “Praise You”, a song that was made famous by British big beat musician Fatboy Slim.

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