Valero Energy Dog Rescue Relays Ducky Commercial Song

Valero Energy Dog Rescue Commercial

Valero Energy has released a new commercial, highlighting that it is proud to fuel the charitable rescue relay organizations across the country dedicated to transporting shelter and rescue dogs to loving homes.

The spot tells the story of Ducky, a dog who was scheduled to be euthanized but was saved and taken from an animal shelter to a new home. “Instead, 15 people will drive 673 miles to give Ducky the ride of his life. Valero helps fuel dog rescue relays that help dogs like Ducky” onscreen lines read throughout the 90-second ad, which follows Ducky on his journey and shows the diverse people that help him get to his destination: a new home.

The soundtrack music is “Go Solo” by English musician Tom Rosenthal. This song was featured on the soundtrack of several productions, including the 2014 German film “Head Full of Honey”, the 2015 documentary “Kid Poker”, the NFL documentary “Hard Knocks”, the film trailer for “Felix and Meira”, the Netflix documentary “The Least Expected Day: Inside the Movistar Team 2019”, and the award-winning feature film “Where We’re Meant to Be”.

On its website, Valero presented some of the people who went the extra mile to take Ducky home. Among them are Kelly Arthur, Joe Johnson, and the Nelson family. Those willing to get involved and help save dogs from animal shelters can also find on the website names of several organizations that are supported by Valero and that still need support and volunteers.

In its 2017 “FueledBy” campaign, Valero highlighted the company’s belief in fueling people to go out and achieve their dreams, with a new clip, featuring the Venice Vixens, an all-female motorcycle group fueled by defying expectations and doing things their own way.

The campaign includes also clips featuring the Tralka family, fueled by togetherness, the City Ballet of Los Angeles, fueled by grace, the Centennial High School Marching Band, fueled by spirit, and the Cascade Drift Skippers, fueled by adrenaline.

The song playing in the background is, as revealed by Valero, a custom track created by Studio Perfect along with the executive producer Max Gosling, “to capture the essence of what we’re all fueled by”.

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