Subway $5 Footlongs Charlie Puth Commercial Song

Subway $5 Footlongs Charlie Puth Commercial

Subway has enlisted Charlie Puth to star in a new ad campaign, that announces the return of the $5 Footlongs.

One of the spots features the hit-making artist performing an original song on his keyboard, saying that you get $5 Footlong when you buy two, in response to a Tweet from Matthew, a Footlong fan, who asked the sandwhich chain to bring it back. As Puth sings, Subway employees are shown dancing on the split screen.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover says that now you can get $5 Footlongs when you buy 2 for a limited time. The offer is valid only in the Subway App or online.

Another spot features Puth singing another jingle, which he wrote himself in response to another Tweet (from a customer named Tristan) reminiscing on the “good days” when Subway had $5 Footlongs.

Subway’s partnership with Charlie Puth marks the company’s biggest campaign since the popularity of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who was arrested in 2015. Subway hoped to see a sale growth after the reintroduction of the $5 Footlong sandwich promotion, but it was forced to pull it amid franchisee revolt. The deal caused an uproar among mom-and-pop owners, who argued that it was not helping them bring in profits. This is the reason why it was decided that the deal would be valid, starting July 2, in the Subway app and online.

“The excitement for the iconic $5 Footlong when you buy two offer has been positive and we are refocusing this limited-time offer on digital ordering to make this promotion even more convenient,” a Subway spokeswoman said in a press statement.

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