Pubblicità Buddyfit Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Diletta Leotta (Spot 2020)


Pubblicità Buddyfit Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Blonde Diletta Leotta (Spot 2020)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta and co-star in a new commercial for Buddyfit.

The footballer is a Buddyfit personal trainer for the gorgeous blonde, who’s working out at home and in the places she goes to, while traveling. However, she is also willing to have some breaks, which doesn’t seem a good idea for Ibrahimovic.

Leotta is first shown boxing and punching Ibrahimovic’s abs. This turns out to be a dream. When she wakes up, Ibrahimovic is in her room, not far by her bed, making her understand that he thinks she’s slept too much. When she heads to the kitchen, to grab her cup of coffee, Ibrahimovic is also there, showing her the watch. Eventually, she goes out on the balcony to work out. Back into the apartment, she finds Ibrahimovic by her side again. Asked if he’s still there, the athlete tells her that, with Buddyfit, she has a personal trainer always with her and then asks her if she knows how to make pizza.

The end of the video sees her sipping a cup of coffee and Ibrahimovic passing by in the background, checking out on her, without saying a word this time, though.

Leotta posted the commercial on her Instagram, saying that, with Buddyfit, those who are, just like her, always traveling can finally have a personal trainer always at their disposal. Her message also informs that this app provides her with personalized workouts and live classes, shortly everything she needs to stay fit, and encourages her followers to download it.

Budyfit is an app that lets you have a personal trainer – selected from the best in Italy – always with you, who will create and adapt for you, over the course of time, a workout program designed for your needs and expectations. You will also have access to information and video of every workout.

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