PayPal Commercial / Advert Song – Feat. Girl Taking Bread from Balcony

PayPal Commercial Song - Feat. Girl Taking Bread from Balcony

PayPal celebrates, in its latest commercial, “all the little things that make a big difference”.

The spot, titled “We’re Here For You,” features a diverse cast using PayPal during the coronavirus lockdown. A young woman is shown paying for her bread with PayPal then going out in the street to pick it up from the baker, who’s keeping the physical distance by sending the bread with a basket from his balcony. A yoga teacher is shown holding online a pregnancy ball class and an old lady contributed $6 to Community Movie and ordered popcorn to watch a movie from the balcony in the company of her life partner.

“When the world was forced to stay apart we came together. Those little made the difference. Let’s make it better,” onscreen lines read throughout the 30-second video, which is scored by The Heavy’s single “Better As One”.

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