GEICO Motorhomes Turtles Commercial

GEICO Motorhomes Turtles Commercial

Two turtles realize their shells aren’t too different from a motorhome in the latest GEICO ad.

The spot features a baby turtle asking his dad what is “that big moving house thing” referring to a family’s trailer parked nearby. The father answers that it’s a motorhome, a modern invention. Junior acknowledges that, while they’ve carried their homes with them since like forever, humans have GEICO to protect them, so – if something goes wrong – they are covered. When Junior’s father highlights that they don’t have this kind of option to protect their “homes”, Junior asks what could go wrong. When a feather falls in front of them, the little turtle realizes it’s a vulture above them.

“GEICO for RVs” – the voiceover says at the end of the 30-second video, adding that “Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more”.

GEICO offers an enhanced Motorized RV and Towable RV insurance policy in most states. These enhanced coverages include Total Loss Replacement, which provides you with a new, comparably-equipped RV if your RV is totaled within its first four model years.

This year, GEICO has also been promoting its boat insurance, its motorcyle insurance, as well and its Giveback program, which implies giving auto, motorcycle, and RV policyholders a 15% credit on their next 6-month or 12-month policy term.

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