John Lewis & Partners LFWCatwalkChallenge Advert Song

John Lewis Advert - London Fashion Week

John Lewis & Partners invite you to take part in their #LFWCatwalkChallenge to celebrate personal style and self-expression at this season’s first ever gender-neutral and digital-only fashion week, London Fashion Week.

The retailer has launched the invitation through a 20-second spot, as well, explaining what you need to do for a chance to be featured in an exclusive video streamed live on the LFW schedule on Sunday 14th June.

Thus, you need to capture your own catwalk moment at home (walk, pose, dance, while wearing whatever makes you feel your best, obviously) and share the video on your grid or stories with #LFWCatwalkChallenge and tag @John Lewis & Partners.

The deadline is midday Friday, June 12.

For every entry, John Lewis & Partners will donate £5 to the British Fashion Council’s Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis.

The song used in the advert is a generic stock music song called “Like We Do It” and performed by Frace Messa (available for streaming and purchase on Premium Beat).

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