Buick Encore GX Surprise Dinner Party Commercial Song

Buick Encore GX Commercial Actress

Buick showcases the first-ever Buick Encore GX small SUV and some of its features in a commercial titled “Surprise Dinner Party”.

The spot follows a woman who, after getting a reminder that she has a dinner with the Drakes, asks Alexa to start her Buick Encore and drives to the grocery store, where she buys four salmon fillets. In front of the store, she’s shown using the automatic parking assist system with braking for a parallel parking and receiving a compliment for her car from a passerby. However, at dinnertime it turns out the dinner is for the Drakes kids, who hate salmon.

Other available features showcased throughout the commercial are the available Remote Start, the included 1-month Buick Connected Services trial, and the available head-up display with navigation view.

The song, used by the brand in the past years, is “It’s Alright” by Matt and Kim.

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