Asda Get Your Cook On Advert Song

Asda Cook TV Advert Boy

“You can cook up a storm because we’re committed to low prices every day on the quality products you need,” this is the idea behind the latest ASDA advert, titled “Get Your Cook On with Asda”.

The 20-second spot features a diverse cast of people preparing a variety of meals, from a pizza with lots of topping, including fresh mozzarella, which costs 49p (125g), to vegetable rice made with Uncle Ben’s Golden Vegetable Rice (£1/250g pack), and chicken fillets made with Butcher’s Selection Chicken Breast fillets (£3.40/550 g).

The song used in the advert is the 2002 single “Do Your Thing” by English electronic music duo Basement Jaxx, from their second studio album, “Rooty”.

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