TD Ameritrade Rocky Training Montage Commercial Song – Dolph Lundgren

TD Ameritrade Rocky Training Commercial - Dolph Lundgren

Online broker TD Ameritrade says it will bring the education, tools, and people you need to become an even better investor, in the second spot part of the “Smart Investors Get Smarter” campaign.

The spot, created by Havas New York and titled “Training Montage”, features bearded and bespectacled Jim, the “Green Room guy,” in a meeting with an investor whom he helps to train. The latter imagines himself a version of Rocky who’s training hard to become stronger and better, with Jim as his coach. From jumping rope at a boxing gym to one-handed push-ups in front of a setting sun, he does them all, with the brokerage’s spokesman by his side.

Toward the end of the commercial, which is scored by “Gonna Fly Now” from the original “Rocky,” actor Dolph Lundgren (who played Ivan Drago in the Rocky franchise) makes an appearance. He’s shown running on the same beach where the protagonist runs alongside Jim.

Kerin Morrison, managing director of brand and advertising at TD Ameritrade, said: “While our marketing approach has always been grounded in cultural relevance to appeal to the modern investor, we’ve gone even sharper with “Training Montage.” We’re showing both new and seasoned traders that they can become a stronger, more capable, investor in ways they’ll find light-hearted, relatable, and – most importantly – smart.”

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