Porsche Classic Happy Birthday Commercial Song

Porsche Classic Happy Birthday Commercial

Porsche has released a new ad to promote the new Porsche Classic Communications Management (PCCM), which offers two new infotainment systems for classic Porsche, replacing the original 1-DIN or 2-DIN installation units with a perfect fit.

The spot features a young man named Anton, celebrating his birthday together with his family, including his father and grandfather, who – after giving him the birthday cake – invite him outside to show him his gift. Surprised to see his car wrapped up as a gift, the youngster points out that that one is already his car, which makes his family members ask him to take a closer look because the car had been upgraded so he wouldn’t be always so “old school”.

He then starts to look at the wheels, under the hood, under the car, but, eventually, his father and grandfather decide to show him what they mean because he obviously “doesn’t get it”. The way they decide to do what is to ask Siri to play “Happy Birthday” from the playlist.

“Old school, but still up to date: Porsche Classic Communications Management” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, while in the background a version of “Happy Birthday” plays.

The brand says that both infotainment systems, which can be ordered at your nearest Porsche Centre, offer a high-resolution touchscreen and modern functions such as DAB+ and Apple CarPlay as well as onboard navigation.

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