Panera Bread & Feeding America Commercial Song – Together Without Hunger

Panera Bread Commercial Actor

Panera Bread and Feeding America have teamed up to feed those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have released a campaign called Together Without Hunger, announcing that they are on mission to distribute up to 500,000 freshly prepared meals for children and families facing hunger during this tough times and urge people to join then in raising funds for this cause, highlighting that just $3 can make a difference.

“In the biggest crisis of our generation millions don’t have enough to eat. Panera Bread is here to help.

Introducing Together Without Hunger. Panera’s kitchens and Feeding America delivering up to 500,000 fresh meals to feed families in need. Say the word and we’ll be there,” onscreen lines read throughout the 60-second spot, which is scored by an original song, titled “Say the Word,” written and performed by Elektra recording artist Livingston.

Those willing to help can donate on the campaign website and they can also take the #SeeAPlateFillAPlate challenge on Instagram, which consists in donating $3 then taking an empty plate selfie on Instagram with #SeeAPlateFillAPlate, tagging 5 friends to donate $3 to fill a plate too, and sharing it to their Instagram story.

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