Land Rover Advert / Commercial Song – Feat. Tiny Land Rover Discovery Model

Land Rover Commercial / Advert - Feat. Tiny Land Rover Discovery Toy Model

Land Rover Ireland encourages people to keep staying inside until it’s safe to go out and discover, instead, “the great indoors”.

The spot, created by agency Spark44, features a tiny version of a Land Rover Discovery as it is handled by a woman’s hands through different places around the house, including a brown bed sheet and the kitchen table covered in flour, that depict various types of terrains, including desert and snow.

“Until it’s safe for us to go further, let’s explore the great indoors,” onscreen lines read at the end of the advert, which is scored by Brandon Combs’ “Just Imagine”.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, several automakers have released videos to deliver messages to their customers and potential new customers, urging them to stay home. Mazda Canada, for instance, in its latest ad, entitled “Sleeping Roads,” urges people to “Let the roads sleep because when they wake we’ll have a lot of catching up to do”. Another automotive company that encourages people to stay home is SEAT. The Spanish automaker has released a similar commercial, with footage from its 2019 holiday commercial, saying “Stay in touch, however you can. But stay safe. And when the time comes, we’ll get you moving again.” In a recent ad, JEEP announced that they are offering payment assistance, 24/7 support, the option to shop at jeep dot com, as well as 0% financing for 84 months with no monthly payments for 90 days (for select 2020 models) “because better days are just down the road”.

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