Google Thank You, Teachers Commercial Song

Google Thank You, Teachers Commercial

Google has released a heartwarming ad to thank teachers from all over the world for their work during these though times.

The video, titled “Thank you, teachers. Thank you times infinity,” shows what people are searching on Google, based on recent Trends Data, which reveal a rapid increase in education-related queries in 2020. Thus, viewers get to see what Internet users have searched for on Google in the past few weeks and “how to teach from home,” “what is a mixed number,” “what is a synonym,” “how to engage children,” “when will school return,” are only some of them.

Footage from various videos posted on social media, that tackle not only the teaching part, but also the feelings parents experience and specials thanks from them to teachers, is included in the 60-second ad. “Their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine,” one of the parents says. “Appreciate all that you do,” he also adds.

Google also says thanks on behalf of millions of parents and informs that it supports teachers and families with tools and tips for teaching from home through the revamped Teach From Home site.

The soundtrack music is “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel.

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