Eargo Condoms Commercial – Feat. Actress Elinor Gunn

Eargo Condoms Commercial Girl - Feat. Actress Elinor Gunn

Eargo has released a new commercial to promote its “revolutionary” hearing aids and managed to create controversy among its audience.

The spot, which marks the hearing aid brand’s first national brand campaign, features a young couple who live an awkward moment during a visit at her parents’ house. Soon after their arrival, the woman (played by actress Elinor Gunn) whispers to her partner, Charlie, if he brought condoms. He doesn’t understand, so she repeats, but in vain – he hears “condor” instead of “condoms”. It is her father, who’s reading a newspaper at a distance, on the couch, who hears well and clears up what she was referring to, forcing the young man to finally answer the question.

At the end of the day, when the two lovers enter their room, the father decides it’s time to take out his Eargo hearing aids.

The commercial was criticized by some people, especially parents, who state that it forces them to answer unexpected questions from their kids, who are often too young for this type of discussion. The spot, which was considered hilarious by some, was also labeled as “offensive” and inappropriate for general TV audiences for daytime.

Described as “the world’s best hearing aid,” Eargo is virtually-invisible, rechargeable, and comfortable. The brand also declares that its hearing aids, now available for purchase for $2,650 (with a $300 discount as introductory offer), are packed with premium sound fidelity to increase the clarity of speech while reducing background noise.

The purchased package includes two hearing aids, a charger, and a two-year warranty. In addition, Eargo customers can download a mobile app that will help them find everything they need for a personalized hearing experience.

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