Vuse Alto Unstoppable Commercial Song

Vuse Alto, the all-in-one pod mod device with pre-filled flavors, that lets you vape while you charge, is promoted in a new commercial.

The spot showcases the Vuse Alto range, while in the background a catchy tune plays. The song’s lyrics include “This is resilience, never give up. Our vision, our mission. We’re gifted and brilliant, we’re dreamin’ it, buildin’ it, livin’ it. Unstoppable. Who? Us? Yes. Passion. Check. Drive. Check. How much you’re gonna get? That’s 100%. Gonna’ be no. 1, don’t settle for less”.

The ad highlights that this product contains Nicotine, which is an addictive chemical.

Vuse Alto features a 350 mAh battery, with easy charge technology. Thanks to the magnetic connection, this system allows you to vape even when it is charging, when it’s running low on power, the green LED light blinks a few times. The small device, which comes in a metallic gray and features a smooth metal casing, also features SmartDraw and SmartPower technology, which means it delivers a perfect puff every time. Vuse Alto vape pods, which are available in four different flavors, including Rich Tobacco and Menthol, are sold separately. The box contains only the Vuse Alto device and the magnetic charger.

The campaign, launched by Reynolds, a unit of British American Tobacco on several cable networks, aimed to position the brand as a leader in combating underage use ot e-cigarettes. The brand has also tightened restrictions to buy its Vuse e-cigarettes online, setting a purchase limit of $80 per week.