Vodafone Advert Song: Keeping The UK Connected

Vodafone TV Advert Girl - Keeping The UK Connected

“Every day we’re working hard at #KeepingTheUKConnected so that even when we’re apart, nothing can stop us being together” – that is the message conveyed by Vodafone UK in its latest advert.

The 40-second spot features a day in the life of a diverse cast of people, of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds during quarantine, highlighting that they all manage to get together with their dear ones with Vodafone. Some of them study, others are cooking, others keep in touch with family and friends through text messages and video calls, others are working from home while kids are running around, others are teaching from home, others are exercising watching fitness instructors online, others are playing instruments, others take cooking lessons, others are cooking following recipes “dictated” by their parents.

“Keeping it going,” “Keeping it real,” “Keeping it interesting,” “#KeepingTheUKConnected,” onscreen lines flash across the screen throughout the advert, which features the live version of Rockin’1000’s “Come Together”.

“Every day, we’re working to maintain our network, so even when we’re apart, nothing can stop us being together,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which also urges people to help Vodafone support the British Red Cross by texting CONNECT to 70141 to give £5 to help vulnerable people across the UK.

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